The Gamers Table reviews Table Golf.

The Games’ Table reviews Countermeasures.

The Gamers’ Table reviews Seekers Treasure Hunt.

The Gamers Table reviews Tiers of Existence by Corbin Campbell.

Kickstarter Game Reviews at The Gamers’ Table!

Looking for a high quality, professional video to promote your Kickstarter board game project? Let the guys at The Gamers’ Table create one for you! They’ll review your game, following the same rigorous method they use to review published games. They tell it like it is, giving a fair and reasoned overview of your game, from components to rules.


You can choose from three levels of service: Basic, Expedited and Rush. Each level provides the same high quality, professional video review of your game. The difference is in the speed. Basic service provides you with a finished video three weeks after they receive your game. Expedited service drops the deadline to two weeks and Rush drops it further to one week after the game is received.


SALE! Right now, you can get your Kickstarter video for half price by going to their crowd funding campaign and pledging. This is a limited time offer. Basic is $30, Expedited is $60 and Rush is $90. You must select the perk on the campaign page to get this discount.

The Gamers’ Table will send you a notification when they receive your game. From that point, the video will be completed within the allotted time for your service level. You’ll be notified of the completion and sent a link to download the file.

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The Gamers’ Table needs our help!


The Gamers’ Table has been a long time friend and supporter of The Game Crafter community. In late 2011, they launched a new independent edition of their show, (sponsored by TGC), and have aired 68 episodes so far. Most of these are from The Game Crafter community and they have done so without charging designers a dime. They do it for the love of games and because they enjoy supporting indie board game designers.

The Gamers’ Table is looking to raise $4,000 to cover their costs and keep the shows on the air. The Game Crafter is pledging $250 to the cause and we’re asking everyone in the community to step up and help them achieve their goal. This is a great opportunity for us to come together and help fellow members in our community.

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The Gamers’ Table reviews Drive Them Back by wedontknowgames.

Combined Shipping to The Gamers’ Table

We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with The Gamers’ Table. We’re now offering combined shipping to The Gamers’ Table. What this means is that there is a new shipping option in checkout. For only $4 you can ship your game to The Gamers’ Table for their review.


As we have collected enough games to be shipped (or at the end of each month, whichever comes first), we’ll package up the games that have been ordered and ship them off to The Gamers’ Table. This can be a considerable savings for you to get your game reviewed by TGT. 

NOTE: This does not mean you should immediately ship all your half-finished games to TGT. They will crucify your game and burn it in effigy if it is not good (as they should). So make sure you’ve done plenty of play testing and polishing before considering using this feature.