Come Play Games

On Monday, September 9th from 6pm to 10pm (ish) we’ll be playing prototypes at The Game Crafter’s HQ. Sign up and join us. If you’ve got a prototype of your own that you’re ready to get feedback on, feel free to bring it along.

Madison Game Design Cabal on Monday

Madison Game Design Cabal is having it’s monthly meet up at The Game Crafter on Monday from 6pm until 10pm. Bring your prototypes and get some play testing. If you don’t have a prototype, that’s fine, come play some games! Learn more and sign up at

We’re doing a new feature on our Facebook page going forward called “a game in a minute”. It’s a time lapse video of a game in one minute. This one is of Bridge Command (working title), a game we’re working on for release later this year.

Madison Game Design Meetup

If you’re interested in collaborating with others on designing a new game prototype, or if you want to get a game you already have designed tested with a bunch of seasoned play testers, then you should come to the Madison Game Design Meetup, which is being hosted at The Game Crafter’s facilities on Thursday, January 10 from 6pm to 10pm. Be sure to RSVP if you’re going to come, because space is limited. 

While you’re there you can:

  • Meet JT
  • Take a photo with Cog
  • Check out all of our game pieces and printed game components
  • Play other people’s games
  • Get feedback on your own games
  • Use some of our free prototyping materials to mock up a game on the fly

If you can’t make it this month, we meet up on the second Thursday of every month. So you can join us next time.

Get Your Game Tested

The Game Crafter is now hosting the Madison Game Design Cabal (MadCabal for short) at our facilities. We have a group of experienced play testers willing to test your game. And let’s face it, all games need more testing. The one caveat is that we do not take submissions. You must be present if you wish us to test your game, so you’ll have to join us at The Game Crafter’s HQ on Thursday, January 10th, between 6pm and 10pm.

Even if you aren’t ready to get your game tested there are some other great reasons you should come out and join us:

  • Help play-test other people’s games.
  • Meet JT.
  • Get your photo taken with Cog.
  • Take a look at all of our printed components and our game pieces up close and personal.
  • Build a game right there on the spot with our free prototyping materials.

Space is limited so RSVP today.

Can’t make it this month? No worries, we’ll be doing this on the second Thursday of every month from now on.

Learn more at

Learn more at