Game Plan: Local IT firm takes board games global

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Excerpt: When J.T. Smith, 40, first pitched his new business idea to his business partners, he had some convincing to do. Tavis Parker, 34, remembers that day clearly. “We do website software for very large corporate settings,” Parker said. “Then J.T. proposed we start a company that makes board games. I thought, ‘Are you serious? Is this a real meeting?’”

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It’s official! The Game Crafter has made the second cut and is now moving forward as one of 24 finalists in the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan ContestThe contest started with almost 300 entries so we’re excited to be in the top 8%.

Now we’re busy refining and expanding our business plan to a 15-20 page document and it will soon be evaluated by a panel of judges. The companies with the top 12 business plans will go on to present at the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference on June 3 at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI.

We absolutely think we’ve got an amazing business and community at The Game Crafter. We’re going to do our best to represent the board game industry and show them that the market has amazing potential in the days ahead. The future is bright folks!

Wish us luck!

The Game Crafter was recently featured in this article on the American Express OPEN forum website. Give it a look if you’re interested in reading about people who turned their hobbies into businesses.

All Us Geeks Podcast - Village in a Box Kickstarter
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Jeff King from  All Us Geeks  interviews JT about the Village in a Box Kickstarter on the All Us Geeks The Game of Crowd Funding show. The Village in a Box Kickstarter opens on January 15th. Here’s the preview URL for the campaign:

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Funding the Dream episode 156 gives a big shout out to The Game Crafter. Check it out.

The Game Crafter is Featured in Parents & Kids Magazine!

M. Scott Anderson found The Game Crafter website and created his own personalized board game. After going through the whole process, he decided to share the experience on his “Scott’s Toy Box” column in Parents & Kids Magazine. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

This month in the Toy Box I decided to do something a bit different. As I was looking around online I ran across a website called The Game Crafter. Through The Game Crafter, I was able to create my own personalized board game, and you can too! sells self published games and game crafting supplies. They offer a variety of game pieces and parts that can be bought independently so you can create the exact game you want. They also sell blank cards and tiles in many different sizes. For those of you who are computer savvy and know how to work Photoshop, you can prepare files and upload them to and they will print out a copy of your game. Prices vary depending on the number of parts and which parts you get, but the system is easy to understand and it’s easy to see which part is costing you the most in case you want to remove it. Now that you know where to get the parts for your own game, let’s talk about the kinds of games there are and how to create your own.

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Happy Mitten Podcast - JT Smith
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JT was interviewed by the Happy Mitten Podcast. Sharing secrets about how he edited MERC down to 1 hour from 6, and what’s next for The Game Crafter. 

The Game Crafter is featured in the Summer 2013 edition of Casual Game Insider. There’s a nice 4 page spread on us and several of your games starting on page 30. You can order the print version, or it’s also available for iPad, PDF, and Web.

Casual Game Insider is also running a Kickstarter campaign right now to help fund the second year of their publication! Chris James and his team have done an excellent job with this magazine and we encourage those of you who are looking for casual games to become a subscriber!

The campaign URL is:

Watch the show and get engaged in the live chat with JT. The show will air at 3:30pm (US Eastern Time) on Thursday, March 28. Come hang out with us in the live chat during the show.

The Game Crafter is proud to be a supporter and sponsor of Board Game Jam. Contest winners received TGC gift certificates.

Kevin Makice is a contributor to the GeekDad section on He recently produced and self-published his game, Party On!, through The Game Crafter website. After completing the whole process of designing a board game, he was inspired to share his experience with others. In writing this article, Kevin interviewed JT Smith of The Game Crafter as well as Will Emigh and Ian Pottmeyer from Studio Cypher.

This article is pretty long but it’s full of great insight, experiences, and helpful tips for game designers. Read it here:

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All Us Geeks interviews JT about The Game Crafter in their latest podcast. The interview starts at about 2 minutes in. 

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An excellent interview with Jeremy Southard of Wastex Games talks to UnderDiscussion about The Game Crafter.

Mike Tresca of the National RPG Examiner talks with JT at Gen Con.