You may not have heard, but we’re bringing the country’s best board game design convention to Madison! Protospiel Madison 2014 will be October 24-26th. We’ve already sold over 30% of our available tickets in just the first three weeks they’ve been on sale. And the ticket sales are increasing, so get yours today, before they are all gone.

JT @ Protospiel

JT will be at Protospiel this weekend. For those who are unfamiliar, Protospiel is pretty much the biggest event in the board game design world.  So if you like playing new games, getting your game tested, or just hanging out in a world filled with ideas, you should be there. As always, we’ll be sending a bunch of TGC SWAG with JT. Stop by and say hello.

JT and several TGC Alumni will be in attendance at Protospiel Milwaukee on March 21-23. Hope to see you there.

Additional Mystery Challenge Prize

We’re pleased to announce that as an additional prize the winner of the Mystery Challenge will get a spot at our booth at one of our premier gaming events to showcase their games. If you win you can choose from either a spot at our booth at Gen Con 2014, or our booth at Phoenix Comicon 2014.

The Game Crafter is sponsoring Gamehole Con, our local hardcore gamers convention here in Madison, WI. It’s November 1-3, and JT, Jamie, and Cog from TGC will be present. In addition to the more than 500 people in attendance that will be gaming, there is also a Protozone event being held at the con for game designers. Please come out and join us!

The Fall version of the Milwaukee Protospiel is happening this coming weekend. JT will be there as will a number of the members of the TGC community. Hope to see you there as well!

JT @ Protospiel

JT and several members of The Game Crafter community will be at Protospiel in Ann Arbor, Michigan this weekend. If you happen to be in the area, drop by, play some games, and say “Hi”. 

TGC Designer Table at Connecticon 2013

JayYouth is running a TGC Designer Table this weekend at Connecticon on July 12-14th. If you’re in/around Connecticut you should stop by and say hello… play some games, or even help him work the booth!

He will be displaying and demoing the following games: Alien Labryinth, PACS, Plague, Grablin, Monkey Dice, Retreat to Woodbury Falls, Villages, Animus, Zogar’s Gaze, and a few other games he’s in the process of designing.

If you’d like to read more about Jay and this event, click here and you’ll see his full post on the Community Announcements page.

Gamehole Con is Looking For Events

Gamehole Con, our local board game convention here in Madison is looking for events. Running your game at a convention is a great way to get feedback, and make sales. If you’re in or around Madison, or can be in November, then submit and event today.

Unpub ProtoZone at Gamehole in Madison, WI

We are co-sponsoring the Unpub ProtoZone at the Gamehole convention in Madison, WI on November 1-3, 2013. If you’re in the midwest, this is going to be a great convention. And if you’re a game designer, it’s an opportunity to try out your games on some new people. 

TGC Designer Table at Phoenix Comicon

Conrad Rustad from wedontknow games is running a TGC Designer Table at the Phoenix Comicon next week on May 24-26th. He will be demoing his game, Drive Them Back, and have a selection of TGC game pieces, gift certificates, and more! Stop by and try out his awesome game and meet another member of The Game Crafter community!


Card & Board Game Designer’s Guild Meetup @ GenCon 2013

We’re pleased to announce that JT will be a featured speaker at the Card & Board Game Designer’s Guild Meetup at GenCon 2013

IcePack Games Hosting TGC Designer Table at Balticon

Toren and Prax, from IcePack Games, will be hosting a Designer’s Table at Balticon ( again this year. They will have a table in the Dealer’s Hall and scheduled demos on Sunday at the Game Room. Toren will be on a few panels and they will be play-testing a few new games.

Balticon has a very popular game room that is open 24 hours a day for the four days of the con. If anyone is interested in having games demoed they are willing to take copies with them. Games will also be left in the game room, with feedback forms, when they are not being shown off.

Their big box of TGC titles will be on hand for anyone who is interested in playing some of their collection.

If you happen to be around Baltimore, Maryland this Memorial Day Weekend, you should stop by and say hello to Toren and Prax of IcePack Games. 

All Us Geeks did a little video from Protospiel Milwaukee.

All Us Geeks - Protospiel Milwaukee
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A special All Us Geeks podcast from Protospiel Milwaukee. All Us Geeks is a great podcast, you should subscribe.