Water? Oil? Blood? Slime? Unicorn Tears? Fire? Lemonade? Who knows what uses you will divine for our new drops. But we know with your creative mind you will find lots of uses for them.

We’re pleased to introduce our new Chevron Stackers. These pieces come in each of our 8 standard colors and measure 20x20mm at 10mm tall. They stack like crazy too. We wouldn’t recommend doing this, but just as a test we stacked 25 of them and then pounded a fist on the table - they did not fall over!


We’re pleased to introduce our new line of race cars. For of you looking to make a racing game, these are amazing little pawns.

Please welcome, the Commanders.

Please welcome, Retro Robots.

Say hello to the Aliens!

Get your war on with our new warbots. They come in 6 different colors for 67 cents. Enjoy!

Introducing Tall People wooden pawns. They stand just over a quarter inch taller than our regular People pawns. They come in the same 8 colors, and are the same price of $0.14 each. Enjoy.

By popular demand we now stock all of our dice in multiple colors. Enjoy!

We’re pleased to introduce our line of crystals. They’re light-weight acrylic, small at just 10mm on average, and come in a variety of colors. They’re also only 10 cents each. Enjoy!

Introducing our own brand of dinosaurs! These cute little guys are perfect for your next prehistoric game as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously. They come in many different species, which are completely random. You’ll get to pick the color, but not the species. For only $0.59 each, these are a deal. 

Yesterday we released our new puppies. It wouldn’t be fair to all of you cat lovers if we didn’t also release some kittens. So say ‘hello kitty!’ Enjoy!

People love their puppies as much as they love their family (sometimes more), so we’re pleased to add a selection of puppy miniatures to our shop! They cost 70 cents each, and would make a great addition to your next game.

Ninjas! We now have Ninjas in 8 different colors. They cost 59 cents each. When you order them you’ll get the color you pick, but perhaps not the pose. At jus 1.3 inches tall, they’re the perfect size for a miniature in your next game.

We’re pleased to release 6 new types of coins to our parts shop. Penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, and dollar. Enjoy!