If you don’t like making your work more marketable, you’re not a designer, you’re an artist.
Rob Daviau (@robdaviaugamer)

Post by: Grant Rodiek

I’ve been doing a lot of things lately that have made me a better designer, but they aren’t exactly designing games per se. It’s more appropriate to refer to them as design exercises. In the same way I go to the gym to build physical muscle, I enjoy exercises to strengthen my creative muscles. This seemed like a good topic for a blog post.

In no particular order, here are some exercises that help sharpen my skills as a designer.

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Mega Game

The Captain Is Dead - Final Days

The Captain Is Dead Kickstarter is in it’s final days. If you haven’t already done so, please back The Captain Is Dead, Scarborough Fair, Turbulence or all 3, and tell all your friends to do so as well. 

Game Plan: Local IT firm takes board games global

Photo: In Business Magazine

Excerpt: When J.T. Smith, 40, first pitched his new business idea to his business partners, he had some convincing to do. Tavis Parker, 34, remembers that day clearly. “We do website software for very large corporate settings,” Parker said. “Then J.T. proposed we start a company that makes board games. I thought, ‘Are you serious? Is this a real meeting?’”

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Your Wish Is My Command

Wish lists are finally here! You can quickly and easily add items to your wish list and even have multiple wish lists.


You can also convert an entire cart into a wish list, or vice versa. You can merge two wish lists into one. And you can of course share a public URL to your wish list on your favorite social media channels or just get a copy of it to put in an email to your family and friends.


You can find the wish list manager under your account (the upper right corner of every page in our shop).

As an extra bonus, we’ve also implemented a cart manager. This will allow you to see all your old abandoned carts, delete them, check out, or convert them into a wish list to save for later. 

Glen from Couple vs. Cardboard hangs out with Matt Pierce at Kublacon 2014. Matt is the creator of Tiny Grumpy Armies and hosted a designer’s table for The Game Crafter at the con. Thanks for doing a great job representing the TGC community Matt!

Tom Vasal reviews Jupiter Rescue, formerly known as Jupiter Deep on TGC.

Virus the Card Game is now on Kickstarter!

Be the Mad Scientist you always wanted to become. Create a Virus that is 100% Lethal!

Virus the Card Game is an exciting way to be the mad scientist you always wanted to become. It allows you to mutate a virus making it more and more lethal. The player that makes their virus 100% lethal first wins!

What is Virus the Card Game?

Player Friendly - It is a card game that is played quickly with simultaneous gameplay. No sitting around for your turn to come up. And it’s simple to learn!

Deadly Fun - Even though the subject is serious, it’s a fun game with funny flavor text so you can enjoy it with your friends. It’s also great for people with an interest in science or biology.

Mutate a Virus - Each player is attempting to mutate their Virus to be the biggest, baddest virus on the table. You will add more and more cards to your Virus by making new Virus Strains. This adds Lethality Points with every card you play.

Start your Virus Strain. Support our project today!

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TGC Community Social @ Gen Con 2014

The third night of Gen Con 2014 (Saturday, Aug 16) we will be hosting the TGC Community Social at O’Reilly’s Irish Bar and Restaurant. 

They have plenty of food/drink options and we can hang out as a group at our reserved tables. Right now we are planning on roughly 30 people. Please RSVP on Facebook or Google+ so we know how many are attending and can let the restaurant know final numbers.

Across the street is Scotty’s Brewhouse and they have the awesome outdoor patio we’ve enjoyed the last 2 years. We’ll probably roll over there after awhile and enjoy some fresh air on the patio. (if the weather cooperates)

Additional details will be announced as we get closer to the event. O’Reilly’s Irish Bar is roughly 3-4 blocks from the convention center.

No Gen Con Tickets Required. Please RSVP!

Please RSVP on Facebook or Google+ so we know how many seats to reserve. We look forwarding to seeing everyone at Gen Con 2014! 

3 Cent Sale at The Game Crafter!

The Game Crafter is having a 3 Cent Sale on some of our blank game components until July 17! All of the game components listed below are on sale and only $.03 each! This sale will end on July 17th at 11:59pm or whenever supplies run out. No rain checks are available so be sure to stock up before they are gone!

Here are the products on sale:

This is a great opportunity to stock up on prototyping materials for your next game idea!

Club Fantasci is doing a new series called Roll Call! in which they chat about a particular dead captain we’re all familiar with.

Shipping Notification Email

When checking out, you may now specify an email address other than your own if the shipping address does not match the billing address. This is useful if you want to notify whomever you are shipping your order to instead of yourself.

Moreover, you can now set an email address for each order in a BOF. Therefore if you’re placing an order for a crowd funding campaign, we can notify each of your backers when their order ships and provide them with tracking information.

To The Table reviews The Captain Is Dead