Airline the Card Game is now on Kickstarter!

Airline the Card Game is the new pocket sized Route matching game. Assume the role of a CEO trying to grow a fledgling Airline into a mammoth, business juggernaut.  Aggressively expand your Airline’s Routes to "Control the skies!"


Back this project today at

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Rune Crafter is now on Kickstarter!


Rune Crafter is a fast paced combative dice game where players take the role of Rune Crafters, powerful mages who use Runestones to wield magic! Up to six players take turns and press their luck by rolling the dice to deal damage, heal their wounds, or to gain Rune Points. The last mage standing is the winner!

Players start their turn by rolling 5 green dice, keep the rolled results they like, and have one chance to re-roll. Once the re-roll phase is complete, they then resolve all the results.


Players can use Rune Points to craft special Runestones, giving them more abilities during the game. Runestones can be crafted at the beginning of a player’s turn, but are only rolled once during the re-roll phase. Players will have to choose wisely, as Runestones can also cause a penalty.


Rune Crafter also has a special deck of cards called the Event Deck. The Event Deck changes the rules of the game every round to keep players on their toes!


If a player is knocked down to 0 HP, they are defeated, but the fun isn’t over for them just yet! Their angry spirits join the Aether Stream as players use Runstones to perform magic. Defeated players roll a destruction die during their turn. If the results matches a Runestone, their presence causes it to explode, dealing damage to the player who possesses it.

Be sure to check out our Kickstarter page to view more artwork, and to learn more about the unique features of Rune Crafter. We’ll see you on game night!

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Only 15 tickets remaining for Protospiel Madison 2014

There are only 15 tickets left for Protospiel Madison 2014, which runs October 24-26th. Also the special rate we got for the hotel evaporates in just over a week. If you’ve been thinking you want to join designers from all over the country as we get together and play test each other’s games, then now is the time to register. Buy your ticket online.

Mark “Shmitz” Major to Judge the Time Challenge

Mark Major, known on the site as Shmitz, owner of Whirling Derby Games, and creator of amazing titles such as Zerpang!, Jupiter Rescue, and Sinister will be the official guest judge for the Time Challenge. The contest has just begun, so enter today.

Primordial Chess is now on Kickstarter!


In 1994 Steve Jackson Games published a new way to play chess, with cards. At the time, as is the current thought from what I’ve experienced today, chess is a game to be played for both recreational and professional players.

When I was a kid, I used to play chess with my brother. We used to sit down and try to come up with new ways to make chess more fun. As I have heard before, chess is a smart persons game. In the end, you want to be a better player than when you started. Casual play was almost seen strictly as a way to get better, and by playing against a wider variety of people, skill would almost certainly increase. I was 8 in 1994. I barely registered what I was doing on a conception level, but I was playing chess. My mother taught me. We used to sit down on a regular basis and play for hours on end. It was then I learned more about that game than anything else from anyone else at the time. She taught me how to be sly, look for opportunities, take risk, look for traps and bait, and how to win, and lose, gracefully. I had a problem though.

As much as I loved chess, and learning what my mom taught me about life in general while on the board, the fun factor didn’t feel the same as playing with my year younger brother. When we played, we would set up the pawns in an alternating pattern on black squares to try something different and see who would win. Sometimes we played with no pawns…or just pawns and a king. We did this because, for as awesome as Nintendo was when I was a child, my mother limited our playing time to just an hour a day. And when it was time to come inside from playing with the other kids, my brother and I would crouch around a chess board and come up with new ways to play chess.

I got older, and lost that practice. In high school, I was on a chess team (I was that dorky, no lie), and speech and debate team. I took opportunities in both clubs, looked for traps and bait, and took risks. I was sly, calculating, and alone. I played Magic: The Gathering back then too. I played more with a close group of friends and my brother than anyone else I knew. It was about then, that I learned of Knightmare Chess. But that year was 2000. The decks, these cards of wonder, were already getting hard to find. But acquiring them, I wasn’t interested in, playing however, was the spice of life.

I spent hours playing Knightmare chess with other kids in the chess club. Our instructor, didn’t condone the idea of using cards to enhance a game, especially chess, but he often reminded us that at tournaments, this game wouldn’t be there. Chess would. But the cards were just a pastime. I would see others play the game for a few years off and on later in life, but I really would never get the opportunity to get my own set, or play as much as I wanted to. Even today, finding a mint condition set of cards is almost impossible. So I decided to do something different. Insert Primordial Chess.

It’s a card game, that integrates with chess, in a manner like Knightmare chess, but aimed to be more. There are cards called Legends that put in powerful pieces that act differently on their own, and often bring elements to the game that change how a piece like that acts (each Legend has a rank, which makes it initially mimic a standard piece of chess, King, Queen, Rook, etc.).

There are also Incantations, one time effect cards that make a change to the game, and move one. There are also Relics and Enchantments, which provide a static effect, or give players an opportunity to do something every turn.

Every card of this game is aimed not just at pieces and how they behave, but board spaces, other player’s hands, their decks, and even discard piles. Some cards even target captured pieces and can bring them back.

I think a Kickstarter that brings back that element of fun for chess using cards is worth running a campaign for. The art is done in pure charcoal by a single artist, and it gives it a great feel to the card overall.

Anyway, here is a link for the Kickstarter, and a sample card from the game.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this and I hope it helps bring back the memory of playing chess for fun like I did when I was a kid.

-John Killaly

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Family Game Night Revisited - Now on Kickstarter!

by Gaétan Lanthier

We are proud to officially launch our first kickstarter, Family Game Night Revisited, at Comiccon Montreal 2014!

In our family, instead of playing games, we create them! We’d like to share our dream with you. Help us create more awesome games!

A Little Background

It all started on a rainy day during our 2010 vacation in Quebec’s Laurentians area, Canada. My youngest daughter, (she was 5 y.o. at the time), was playing alone with ordinary playing cards: flipping them, talking to the Queen, you know that kind of stuff. Then she came to me saying: “Daddy, come and play with me, I invented a game!" Then the dream became reality!

Our Goals

4 years and more than 16 games later, we wish to share our passion with you out there!

1. to go a little viral (we would prefer a lot) and share our games with as many people as possible. We believe a Kickstarter campaign will help us. But more than that, it will be your participation and enthusiasm that will make this campaign a success!

2. It would be wonderful to raise enough funding to send Amelie up to some graphic arts classes. She would love to improve her skills and use them to create more awesome games.

What is so special about our games? 

Well, first of all, most of them were designed (art work and rules) by my daughter. She is like the spark of every project we had so far. Did I mention she is only 9 1/2 year old! Lots of playtesting with friends/family and people at game conventions have allowed us to refine the games to be fun and easy to learn!

What’s games are included in this kickstarter campaign?

We are including 3 of our most fun and complete games. You can also choose to back a bundle with all 3 games. Here are the options for you to choose from:

  • a simple card game
  • a card game with components in a nice small pro box 
  • a full tabletop quad-fold board game
  • a bundle of all 3 games

To find out more, please follow this link to our kickstarter campaign! Thank you for your support.

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Zoophoria is now on Kickstarter!

Welcome to Zoophoria

The director of the best zoo in the world is retiring. A global search has narrowed the candidates down to the best of the best, including you, the players of Zoophoria.  You will have one week to assemble the best habitat in the zoo by competing for a new crop of animals, employees and buildings every day.  Selecting the right mix of animals, employees and buildings will be key to keeping animals fed & healthy and the zoo clean in order to attract visitors. The player that attracts the most visitors is the winner and becomes the new director.


  • A fun theme that combines worker placement and set collecting

  • Simple to learn, strategic game play

  • Random dice rolling perfectly balanced with strategic planning & set collecting

  • Over 100 unique animals from around the world;  a photo and fun facts on every card

  • Scales nicely from 2-6 players, for ages 12+

For more details on the game, including videos and reviews, visit our website at

We invite you to support our Kickstarter campaign todayThere are many pledge levels available, all with FREE shipping in the US and reduced rates to Canada.  To thank our supporters we are including a personalized virtual card on our website for pledges of $10+ (CAD$) and 6 exclusive cards for pledges of $69+ (CAD$).

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Armies of Riddle Fantasy Battle TCG - Now on Kickstarter!


In this fantasy battle trading card game set in a distant world known as Riddle, you must defend your crystal against your opponent.  Use your strategy wisely to depet your opponents crystal power by summoning powerful armies and using magical attacks!

Do you have what it takes to create the next great Army of Riddle?


Along with the physical game (Which is now ready to go and will be printed exclusively by, we will be creating the Mobile edition as well, targeting Apple iOS, Google Play and Amazon.  In the future we may even target Windows Phone, Windows Store and Blackberry.



We want YOUR SUPPORT! Back us today and be amongst the first to get your hands on a copy of Armies of Riddle! Pass along the message to your friends as well on facebook and twitter! We have options ranging from $1-$1000 so even those on a budget who want to see this game come to life can still take part.

BACK US TODAY and let’s work together to make this project COME TO LIFE!


MAIN WEBSITE (Goes to Facebook):

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Time Challenge

Fall is upon us. The kids are headed back to school, the crops are ready to be harvested, and the leaves will soon be changing on the trees. It is about this time of year that I always think of the changing seasons, more than any other time of year. And that leads us to the premise for this contest. We want you to design a game where time is a resource to be managed. For example, where you can actually manipulate time, like you can in games like Red November. Other games for research include Chronos Conquest, Village, Seasons, and T’zolkin.

Perhaps you are a farmer performing your fall harvest, and instead of making a worker placement game, you have to choose where to put your time. Will you spend time getting your barns ready for a harsh winter, or will you harvest that last field of grain so you have something to sell?

Or instead maybe you run a scary theme park. Will you spend time cutting a corn maze, training more actors, building more props, or even an entirely new haunt?

Maybe you’ll go far out and make a game about time lords bending time to their will. Or how about a game that allows you to go back in time a few moves/actions/turns to undo an unanticipated outcome?

Whatever you decide to do, welcome to the Time Challenge! Read the complete rules here.

BLANK CARD SALE - Featuring 1 Cent Blank Poker Cards!

The Game Crafter needs to clear out excess inventory of blank cards. So it’s a great time to have a sale! Supplies are limited so be sure to get your orders in early. Sorry, no rain checks. Sale ends 9/22/14.

Here are the items on sale:

Blank Poker Cards - $.01/each
Blank Bridge Cards - $.03/each
Blank Hex Cards - $.03/each
Blank Jumbo Cards - $.03/each
Blank Micro Cards - $.03/each
Blank Mini Cards - $.03/each
Blank Square Cards - $.03/each
Blank Tarot Cards - $.03/each
Blank Circle Cards - $.03/each

Blank cards are excellent for game designers to use when prototyping. These prices are the cheapest you’ll find anywhere for die cut blank cards!

5th Street Challenge Semi-Finalists Announced

Voting has finished and the finalists in the 5th Street Challenge have been announced. Thanks to the community for voting, and all the contestants for entering. Phil from 5th Street Games now has his work cut out for him narrowing the list of semi-finalists down to a list of finalists.