To The Table reviews The Captain Is Dead

Every once in a while we feel it’s good to remind everyone about bleed and drift. This photo illustrates why it is very important to bleed your images on everything, including chits. Our cutting process is very accurate, but there’s drift in every process. If you don’t do a full bleed, you’ll get little white edges where you don’t want them. 

Every once in a while we feel it’s good to remind everyone about bleed and drift. This photo illustrates why it is very important to bleed your images on everything, including chits. Our cutting process is very accurate, but there’s drift in every process. If you don’t do a full bleed, you’ll get little white edges where you don’t want them. 

The Flux Capacity Challenge Finalists

Here are your Flux Capacity Challenge Finalists:

Josh also provided a spreadsheet showing how he narrowed the list.

Congratulations to all of our finalists. Good luck in the final round of the competition. 

Shogun Showdown - Last 18 Hours on Kickstarter!

Shogun Showdown is in it’s final 18 hours on Kickstarter with more cards than ever before - The Demon, The Warrior Monks, the Samurai, the Ninja, the Ronin, and the Shuriken offer a never before seen customization and strategic aspect to this trick taking, dexterity based card wielding game of Ancient Japanese warriors. 

But that’s not all! We are looking to expand the game even further with the next 3 stretch goals where we add the Geisha and the Dragon. But we need your help to make this happen!

Shogun Showdown is a 2 and 4 person (4 to 8 with 2 decks) trick taking / dexterity card game where you play as a shogun in ancient Japan. You must use what is dealt to you to be victorious, building up your empire and building the largest temple, only to defend it against your rivals.

But your rivals have terrible and ferocious allies, each with their own special talents. Can you gain a foothold on your opponent and get the upper hand? Can you knock down his temple, causing him to lose face, while you rally and gain more fervor? 

Shogun Showdown is available now on Kickstarter for the next 24 hours, ending Friday June 27th at 7pm CDT. We’re very excited to say that thanks to our wonderful backers, we’re 100% funded! Thank you for your support!

Click here to support Shogun Showdown today!

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Pimp your copy of Love Letter with our new heart tokens!

Pimp your copy of Love Letter with our new heart tokens!

The Captain Is Dead is featured on GeekDad!

imagePhoto: Jonathan H. Liu

Jonathan Liu from GeekDad wrote a comprehensive review of The Captain Is Dead and it’s available at

All Us Geeks - The Captain Is Dead and the Geeks Are Screwed
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How Turbulence Came To Be

You probably know by now that Turbulence is part of The Captain Is Dead kickstarter. We asked Turbulence’s designer Andrew Enslow to tell us a little about himself and why he designed it. Here’s what he had to say:

I am an undergraduate mechanical engineer in California. I grew up on Star Wars Epic Duels, Risk and monopoly. It wasn’t until 2012 that I began expanding to all sorts of board games with my friends. From there it was a short leap to making a few of my own, which they all graciously helped me play test.

“Order of the Twenty Sided Die” Board game night

I was sitting in my fluids class one day and had the “I could make this a board game” thought. I wanted to go a different direction than my first game though so I just let it simmer in the back of my mind. I’d do a mental test, break the game, and alter it, over and over till Turbulence was finally ready for physical prototype. What was supposed to be my most fun games became a clear game of strategy. The original game consisted of the shards flowing through pipes. Although this was an interesting concept it was not an interesting theme. I entered Turbulence in TGC’s Miniatures contest. It did better than I expected but reinforced what all my friends had been saying: the theme was too abstract. I decided to take their advice and change the theme.

First Edition of Turbulence

I really had no idea what other theme to use. Thankfully my cousin Jason (designer of the game SYNERGY) suggested I switch the theme to Airplanes. The game literately took off. The colors brightened up, players traveled from Control Tower to Landing Strip, and all of this was done using actual airplane pieces!

(Turbulence, Kickstarter edition)

Turbulence has become a game for all ages where younger gamers can enjoy flying across the map while hard core gamers can enjoy the complexity, depth and challenge provided by their variety of options. Thanks to all the family and friends who helped me make and improve this game. Special Thanks to the Order of the Twenty Sided Die (my board game group) who inspired and encouraged me along this incredible journey.

Back Turbulence on Kickstarter today!

Interview with Dan Letzring: Bulk Order Fulfillment

Dan Letzring successfully funded Ph.D. The Game on Kickstarter in February 2014. He used The Game Crafter’s Bulk Order Fulfillment (BOF) service and you can read about his experience in the interview below.

1. Why did you decide to use The Game Crafter’s Bulk Order Fulfillment (BOF) service for your Kickstarter project?

The Game Crafter provides a fantastic service that can’t be beat.  There are some other great printers out there but they typically require 500 or 1000 minimums for products and if you do not think you will hit that number of sales on your kickstarter, then you just can’t do it!  TGC will complete a BOF with as little as 1 game.  

2. What was the biggest benefit of using BOF at The Game Crafter?

There are a lot of good reasons to use the BOF option but I think the best reason is that they take care of shipping each individual package.  It would have been a huge hassle to ship out that number of games to many individual customers and I appreciate that The Game Crafter was able to take the burden off my shoulders and take care of it for me.  I even added a bumper sticker of my game with the rewards and I shipped the bumper sticker to The Game Crafter and they packaged the stickers with each game! They are amazing!

3. How have your customers responded in terms of product quality, customer service, and shipping times?

Overall my customers have had great things to say about the products they received.  Items were shipped 2 weeks earlier than my “estimated ship date” so that was a huge plus.  

4. Did The Game Crafter BOF service and the community have a positive impact on your campaign?

Definitely.  I would not have been able to fulfill my rewards and have a successful campaign without their help.

5. Would you recommend The Game Crafter’s BOF service to other game designers?

Of course!  The products looked great and were shipped out quickly. Customers have had my products for at least two weeks now and I have had ZERO complaints on product quality or printing issues.

6. Do you have any advice for other game designers who are considering running a Kickstarter to fund their game?

I made a couple of big mistakes right off the bat.  Some I was able to adjust during the campaign and some there was no going back on.  I think actively being involved in kickstarter months before you run a campaign and backing multiple projects will help to get a good feel of how a good kickstarter should be run.  Also ask a lot of questions to people who have had successful campaigns.  The Game Crafter has a great list of games on their site that have kickstarter campaigns either in progress or already completed.  Reach out to those game designers and pick their brains!

7. Are there any changes or improvements you’d like to see in the Bulk Order Fulfillment service?

Overall I was very satisfied.  I have very little complaints about the service. If there was one thing I would change it might be to have a shipping option that can be applied to all orders (i.e. all orders shipped priority or first class or whatever else you deem fit).  The BOF automatically selects the method of shipment without giving you an option and I would like to be able to have control over that option.  Other than that, everything else was perfect!

Click here to learn more about Bulk Order Fulfillment at The Game Crafter

We’d like to thank Dan for taking the time to participate in this interview. Congrats on funding your very first game!

New Auction Available - Be A Featured Designer at Gen Con


It’s time to put those crafter points to use folks!

You can hang out at The Game Crafter community booth and pitch your games to all walkers by at Gen Con 2014. We’ll also push people your way. If you want to get your name out there or promote an upcoming Kickstarter, this is amazing opportunity.

If you win this auction we’ll give you a table and four chairs at our booth from 2pm to 6pm on Thursday at Gen Con 2014. We’ll also push passers by to your table, and you’ll be mentioned in many of our Gen Con blog posts. The auction ends Friday, June 26 at noon.

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How The Captain is Dead Came To Be

You’ve probably heard by now that we are running a Kickstarter campaign for The Captain is Dead. What you may not have heard is how The Captain is Dead came to be. 

Meet Joe Price aka (Moldyvort):


Joe is a 37 year old fledgling game designer from Paragould, Arkansas. He and his wife have a 3 year old boy. And he’s been a gamer his entire life. 

After playing Pandemic, Joe loved the idea of a co-op game, but wanted something that made the mundane stuff like trading cards and moving around easier to do. He also wanted a more exciting theme. Out of those desires he built a game he called Bridge Command. 

JT Smith, one of the owners of The Game Crafter, picked up an early prototype copy of Bridge Command and instantly fell in love. He played it with his various gaming groups and they fell in love as well. However, the game needed a lot of help. It had no artwork, a name that was sure to draw trademark issues, and the rule book was in serious need of an editor. JT asked Joe when he would finish the game several times over the next couple of years. Unfortunately, due to having a new baby boy, Joe just didn’t have the time to complete the game.

JT and Joe worked out a deal to purchase the rights to Bridge Command. Then JT spent the next year and a half refining the game. Making sure everything was perfectly balanced. Adding and removing systems and roles. And through one of his gaming groups, stumbled upon a name that would stick: The Captain is Dead!

JT then hired Gaetano Leonardi to develop the artwork for he game, which resulted in gorgeous pieces like this:



JT took The Captain to lots of conventions and Protospiel events. He gathered tons of feedback and play testers. After many hundreds of play tests and years of development, The Captain is Dead is finally ready. Back us today on Kickstarter!

A preview of The Captain Is Dead by The Dice Tower.

All Us Geeks - The Captain is Dead
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All Us Geeks interviews JT about The Captain is Dead Kickstarter, The Game Crafter Community, and lessons learned from the Village in a Box Kickstarter.