Interview with Joe Mysliwiec: Bulk Order Fulfillment

Joe Mysliwiec successfully raised over $5000 and funded his game, Monsters & Knights, on Kickstarter in April 2014. He used The Game Crafter’s Bulk Order Fulfillment (BOF) service and you can read about his experience in the interview below.

1. Why did you decide to use The Game Crafter’s Bulk Order Fulfillment (BOF) service for your Kickstarter project?

We worked with The Game Crafter for fulfillment for Monsters & Knights because they have a great staff and we knew they would do a fantastic job printing and shipping the game for us. Their quality is very good and I was very happy with their services.

2. What was the biggest benefit of using BOF at The Game Crafter?

The best thing was not having to buy tons of boxes and ship them out myself, that saved me a lot of time and was able to backers their rewards much quicker.

3. How have your customers responded in terms of product quality, customer service, and shipping times?

I had a lot of backers send me messages and thank me for how fast the turnaround was from when the project ended, I’ll share a few:

"I think this may be the first Kickstarter that has been on time for me. Very well done!!!!!!"

"Game showed up today!!! Looks fantastic! Perfect timing too, since I’ve got a buddy on the way over as I’m writing this! Thanks for being spot on schedule Joe!"

4. Did The Game Crafter BOF service and the community have a positive impact on your campaign?

Absolutely, word of mouth from the TGC community helped spread the word about the project.

5. Would you recommend The Game Crafter’s BOF service to other game designers?

Yes very much so! And, if you’re using a poker tuck box for your game, you need to order 200 copies because the upgraded tuck box is super awesome!

6. Do you have any advice for other game designers who are considering running a Kickstarter to fund their game?

I try to give info to anyone I bump into in chat about personal experiences, there are a lot of great folks part of the TGC community always willing to help people with advice about Kickstarter, as there is so much to learn. 

7. Did you do anything differently this time around with your current Kickstarter campaign for Round Ten Boxing?

I did do something different this time around. Most likely, I launched too early and on not the best day (Friday), but I had some personal reasons for doing this. I also charged a lot more for international shipping as I learned my lesson the first time with not charging enough. I hope that doesn’t backfire on me but I have noticed I’m getting less international backers this time around. It’s important to remember that shipping overseas is always more expensive than you’d think. 

I’d just like to say thanks to The Game Crafter community for helping me with ideas and supporting our projects so far. Please consider backing our new game on Kickstarter called Round Ten!

Click here to learn more about Bulk Order Fulfillment at The Game Crafter

We’d like to thank Joe for taking the time to participate in this interview. Congrats on funding your very first game on Kickstarter!

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Player incentive and motivation concerns are a huge part of game design. An action in a game can be highly advantageous, but if it doesn’t look advantageous to the players, they won’t try it and will never learn its true value. As a designer, you have to manage the appearance of contingencies as much as the reality of them.
Eric B. Vogel (via cardboardedison)
Find the core of your game, and take away everything else that doesn’t directly support that.
Ben Rosset (@BenRosset)
A Few More Tickets for Protospiel Madison 2014

Good news, we were able to get a slightly bigger room, so we have more tickets available for Protospiel Madison 2014. Get them while they’re still available, because they are going to go fast.

This House Is Haunted - A Cooperative Card Game Now on Kickstarter!


Your house is haunted by demonic spirits! Will you banish the evil presence or become possessed yourself?

This House Is Haunted, a truly original cooperative card game featuring an immersive haunted house premise, is running a campaign on Kickstarter during the month of October.

In This House Is Haunted you use your house as the game board, and though the game is initially cooperative, players may become possessed and secretly change allegiances. So, bust out the flashlights, explore your darkened home, avoid terrible curses, survive haunted rooms, all the while not knowing which of your friends you can actually trust!


Explore your Haunted Home Today on Kickstarter!

This House Is Haunted is the first project of Brain Punch Games. While the main game is completed, we are currently developing an expansion pack that will allow for more players. There are a variety of pledges ranging from $1 to $175. The $75 tier grants backers a copy of the base game, the expansion, and the exclusive chance to have our artist work your name and likeness into the expansion’s artwork.

For example, here are some of the Brain Punch Crew sketched up.


For more information on the This House Is Haunted campaign, please visit our Kickstarter campaign, You can follow us on facebook and twitter, check us out on our website and BoardGameGeek, and don’t forget to spread the word!

For new designers, the instinct is always to solve a problem by adding something to the game to balance it out. Ninety percent of the time the correct answer is to simplify the problem away. Take something out instead.
Ben Rosset (@BenRosset)
Even though it might just be a one-man operation, look as professional as possible—don’t make it look like a one-man operation.
Ryan Laukat (via cardboardedison)

A great article by Christina Major (at Whirling Derby) about game design contests and whether or not they are worth the effort. If you are a game designer, be sure to give this a read!

Rune Crafter - Last week on Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter campaign for Rune Crafter is coming to an end, and we still need your help to bring our dice game to the world of tabletop!

Rune Crafter is fast paced dice game, where players roll the dice to try and master the magics of the aether stream!  Players take turns to roll the dice, which represent runestones.  As the game progress, players can use their resources to craft more powerful runestones that open up even more strategies to obtain victory.  Of course, these runestones could backfire on their users as well.  Roll the dice, press your luck, and be the last mage standing!  

Rune Crafter Features

  • Easy to learn and comfortable to play thanks to character reference cards that bring the basic rules of play straight to each player.

  • Fast paced dice rolling that offers numerous strategies for every type of player.

  • Event cards that alter the rules of the game round by round, making each game unique and unpredictable.  

  • An exciting gaming experience for 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up. 

Our goal for Rune Crafter is to help give it the launch it deserves.  The profits will be used to purchase copies that we can send to brick and mortar shops, allowing Rune Crafter to reach even more players.  We’re also a proud supporter of Kicking it Forward, meaning 5% of our profits will be pledged to another amazing Kickstarter game.  This is how we can continue to give to the tabletop community.

We also want to give more to our Kickstarter backers.  That’s why we are offering unique rewards and stretch goals that are only available to them.  These rewards include custom game pieces, and actual concept sketches used for the art of Rune Crafter!  Our stretch goals include dice and event cards that will only be printed in the Kickstarter Edition.  

We invite you to learn more about what Rune Crafter has to offer on our Kickstarter campaign page.  We even have a great video featuring actual gameplay!

Note: This article is being promoted on TGC News because the designer is participating in The Game Crafter’s Crowd Funding Promotion. If you would like to be promoted by The Game Crafter then read the details here.

Fall 2014 Product Survey Results

Last week we asked for your feedback on some new products. We thought we’d share the results of that survey.

The clear winners were a new version of the large pro box, linen finished playing cards, and a 9x18 bi-fold board with around 70% of you interested in those products. The 6-fold board was still a winner, but not nearly as decisive with only 60% interested.

The custom paper money was the only loser, and we kind of figured it would be. Unfortunately it’s just expensive to produce on a very small scale. 

Of the interlocking tile pieces, the clear winners were the 2 and 3 inch tiles with 4 inch tiles being a contender for future releases if the 2 and 3 inch tiles sell well. Very few of you were interested in the 6 inch tiles. 

The most ambiguous result was the slightly larger small pro box. 45% want us to keep 2 separate versions, 22% don’t want a larger version, and 32% want us to replace the smaller version with the larger version. As a result, we’re going to have to do a bit more research before we decide what action to take with the small pro box.

Thank you for your feedback. We’ve got some work to do!