For new designers, the instinct is always to solve a problem by adding something to the game to balance it out. Ninety percent of the time the correct answer is to simplify the problem away. Take something out instead.
Ben Rosset (@BenRosset)
Even though it might just be a one-man operation, look as professional as possible—don’t make it look like a one-man operation.
Ryan Laukat (via cardboardedison)

A great article by Christina Major (at Whirling Derby) about game design contests and whether or not they are worth the effort. If you are a game designer, be sure to give this a read!

Rune Crafter - Last week on Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter campaign for Rune Crafter is coming to an end, and we still need your help to bring our dice game to the world of tabletop!

Rune Crafter is fast paced dice game, where players roll the dice to try and master the magics of the aether stream!  Players take turns to roll the dice, which represent runestones.  As the game progress, players can use their resources to craft more powerful runestones that open up even more strategies to obtain victory.  Of course, these runestones could backfire on their users as well.  Roll the dice, press your luck, and be the last mage standing!  

Rune Crafter Features

  • Easy to learn and comfortable to play thanks to character reference cards that bring the basic rules of play straight to each player.

  • Fast paced dice rolling that offers numerous strategies for every type of player.

  • Event cards that alter the rules of the game round by round, making each game unique and unpredictable.  

  • An exciting gaming experience for 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up. 

Our goal for Rune Crafter is to help give it the launch it deserves.  The profits will be used to purchase copies that we can send to brick and mortar shops, allowing Rune Crafter to reach even more players.  We’re also a proud supporter of Kicking it Forward, meaning 5% of our profits will be pledged to another amazing Kickstarter game.  This is how we can continue to give to the tabletop community.

We also want to give more to our Kickstarter backers.  That’s why we are offering unique rewards and stretch goals that are only available to them.  These rewards include custom game pieces, and actual concept sketches used for the art of Rune Crafter!  Our stretch goals include dice and event cards that will only be printed in the Kickstarter Edition.  

We invite you to learn more about what Rune Crafter has to offer on our Kickstarter campaign page.  We even have a great video featuring actual gameplay!

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Fall 2014 Product Survey Results

Last week we asked for your feedback on some new products. We thought we’d share the results of that survey.

The clear winners were a new version of the large pro box, linen finished playing cards, and a 9x18 bi-fold board with around 70% of you interested in those products. The 6-fold board was still a winner, but not nearly as decisive with only 60% interested.

The custom paper money was the only loser, and we kind of figured it would be. Unfortunately it’s just expensive to produce on a very small scale. 

Of the interlocking tile pieces, the clear winners were the 2 and 3 inch tiles with 4 inch tiles being a contender for future releases if the 2 and 3 inch tiles sell well. Very few of you were interested in the 6 inch tiles. 

The most ambiguous result was the slightly larger small pro box. 45% want us to keep 2 separate versions, 22% don’t want a larger version, and 32% want us to replace the smaller version with the larger version. As a result, we’re going to have to do a bit more research before we decide what action to take with the small pro box.

Thank you for your feedback. We’ve got some work to do!

Who is in the Tavern? - A Tool for DMs, GMs, and Story Tellers - 50 hours left on Kickstarter!

So your party walks into the Tavern and asks, “Who is in the Tavern?" Answer: Cards with custom illustrations, statistics and more!

They say that a picture says a thousand words.  Why describe your tavern NPC’s by reading text off of a boring trait sheet or generator when you can have a fun FULL COLOR ILLUSTRATION of the NPC, and important tavern stats to go along with them!

Almost all of the cards will be designed with the help backer’s submissions! Cards consist of a number of very important features:

  • Full Color Illustrations drawn by Toby Allen - Ideas submitted by backers!

  • Tavern Stats - Chosen by backers using a custom point buy system. (Alcohol Tolerance, Appetite, Preach, Perform, Bar Fighting, Stealth, Gaming and Gossip)

  • Personal Traits - Profession, Personality, Family, Local Ties, Income Level, Possible Connections, all chosen by backers!

  • Why is this Person in the Tavern? - Six different reasons for why the person is in the tavern, all chosen by backers!  Just roll a die!

Here’s an example of one that the project artist, Toby Allen, created using this short description:

"Human Rogue: Male, Brown hair, brown eyes, Goatee, Black scale armor, black velvet hat with a blood red feather in it, large black coat that extends to the ground.  Overall very fancy looking, but no visible weapons)"

Visit the Who is in the Tavern? Kickstarter Page to bring your Tavern to life!

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Probably most important early on is to get comfortable with the idea of failure and that failing faster is a good thing. Get your game on the table as quickly as you can and in front if as many different players as you can. Get it out of your head and onto the table so it can take on a life of its own and the game can emerge and evolve from interaction with players.
Sen-Foong Lim (@SenFoongLim)
Race to 24 is now on Kickstarter!

Everything you get in the box!

Race to 24 is a fast paced card game for 2-4 players. This game involves players having to use strategy and numbers to reach their ultimate goal of being the first player to accumulate 24 or more points and win the game.

Who is the game for?

Anyone! We created this game for a wide audience to enjoy. The rules are simple, but the depth of the strategy is grand. We wanted to base something around the use of number manipulation as well as hand management and board management. Games can vary from 15 minutes to 30 minutes on average.

How does the game work?

As mentioned above, Race to 24 is a game where players try to be the first to obtain 24 or more points. This is done by players manipulating the grid of cards using various actions during their turn. As players manipulate and gather cards from the grid, it fills with cards from the top of the deck so the board is always changing. The grid is also randomly generated from the top of the deck each game so that each game can be different.

The 4x4 grid made at the start of the game

To learn more about the game and how to play, as well as to support our project, head over to our kickstarter campaign at:

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5th Street Challenge Finalists

Phil has narrowed the list of 20 semi-finalists down to just 7 finalists.

He’s also provided a spreadsheet with feedback about each of the top 20 games.

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